Questionnaire for Tenants

Answer truthfully a few questions that will give the landlord the opportunity to get to know you better and trust you. This will give you a big advantage over those who are not willing to disclose this information about themselves.

Please take a few minutes to complete the following questionnaire. On the basis of this, the credibility of the candidate can be assessed objectively and fairly.
Please note that the information you provide in the questionnaire will be verified in various public registers (insolvency register, central register of execution, etc.) and the contacts you provide for verification. What do you consider from your point of view as additional information, which increases your credibility, please fill in the comments at the end of the questionnaire. The questionnaire is intended for serious candidates and it is required for arranging a tour of the apartment .
Do you have questions like: Will the landlord be trustworthy? Will my bail be refunded after the lease? Will he not give me notice without reason? Will he comply with the lease?
Likewise, landlords wonder if the tenant will be decent. Will he/she pay the rent and services on time? Will he not bother the neighbors? Will he communicate when there is a malfunction or problem?
Show that you can communicate and do not hide anything. Provide as much information about yourself as possible, references from your previous home, workplace, etc.. You will increase your chance to get high quality housing and the landlord’s confidence.

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